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Grey Gardens

by Doug Wright, Scott Frankel, Michael Korie

Directed by Kent Nicholson 

TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA

Beth Glover gives a consummate performance in the dual role of Edith in the first act and Little Edie in the second act.  She miraculously morphs from the attention-famished society matron who loves to sing to the touching, frustrated eccentric 46-year-old woman in the second act. Her opening number in the second act, "The Revolutionary Costume for Today," is catching and reminds me of the patter songs that Kay Thompson used to sing. Glover captures Edie's physical mannerisms and Long Island drawl.  It's a staggering double performance by this gifted singer. Her closing number, "Another Winter in a Summer Town," is passionate. -- TheatreMania

In that priceless supermodel gait gone dowdy, Glover plays the hell out of the Edie role, a woman who annotates herself in streams of chatter but then appears to drop out of existence at a withering word from Mother. -- MetroActive

Native Gardens

by Karen Zacarias

Directed by Tinashe Kajese-Bolden

Virginia Stage Company

Beth Glover is delightfully snobbish as Virginia Butley.  Favorite moment is when she blows cigarette smoke in the neighbor's yard.  -- Virginian Pilot

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella 

by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Douglas Carter Beane

Broadway 1st National

Directed by Mark Brokaw

Beth Glover (the wicked stepmother, Madame) is a scream as Cinderella’s delightfully wicked torturer.


Beth Glover has a wry style akin to Rue McClanahan as Ella’s ambitious stepmother, Madame. -- LaDue News


Beth Glover, who mixes camp with evil as Madame, the stepmother. -- Cincinnati Inquirer

The wicked stepmother, Madame, played by Beth Glover who provides just the right amount of snark to the role. I especially love when she ponders sarcastically, “Why don’t I have any friends?” after delivering a few especially nasty lines.


A special nod goes to the hilarity of the stepfamily, with Beth Glover zinging sugar with snark as manipulative Madame. -- Hooplanow

Take Me Along

by Joseph Stein and Bob Merrill

Irish Reperatory Theatre

Directed by Charlotte Moore

Beth Glover brings warmth and humor to the spinster Aunt Lily , culminating in an endearing performance of Merrill’s fine character study, “Promise Me a Rose.” Stephenson and Glover eventually join together, with a couple of gentle tugs at the tear ducts in their final scenes. -- Variety


But if any role has the ability to steal the thunder it is that of spinster sister Lily (Beth Glover). Her red hair and radiant looks give the musical more sparkle than do the occasional flash of fireworks. Despite the burden she has to expend energy on intimating she is in love with a jerk, she is a delight reflecting the coy side of her nature with "I Get Embarrassed." -- CurtainUp

Round and Round the Garden

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by John Christopher Jones

The Depot Theatre

As the near-sighted Ruth who refuses to wear her glasses, Beth Glover does what amounts to a comic ballet with an intractable lawn chair.  Her lawn chair scene with Tom reveals her quick tongue and cynicism. -- NCPR

A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

Pendragon Theatre

Directed by Karen Kirkham

Beth Glover brings Blanche DuBois to life like no other actor I have ever seen.  It's not just the authentic accent, every inch of her body believes it is Blanche; her shaking hand whenever she pours a drink, her deep sighs that show she is racked with the guilt of her young husband's death. -- AdirondackBlog

It Shoulda Been You

Mason Street Warehouse

by Barbara Anselmi & Brian Hargrove

Directed by Kurt Stamm

Speaking of the mother of the groom, Beth Glover’s Georgette Howard is a work of art. She drinks, she mourns her son’s marriage and she shows that age is no barrier to good sex.

Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

Pendragon Theatre

Directed by Karen Kirkham

Glover's Amanda is brilliant. She pulls from her own Mississippi roots to fill the stage with southern charm as she wages a last ditch campaign to marry off her recluse, shy daughter Laura (Liv Paulson). Glover draws the spotlight to her with each drawl whether she purses her lips in disappointment or clasps her hands in childlike glee. --AdirondackBlog

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