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My love of actors and telling a story come together beautifully when directing. For me, there's very little that's more exciting than collaborating with artists to tell a moving, transformative, and/or hilarious story. My directing career is a fledgling one.  But I take great pride in its beginnings.  In 2021, I directed Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs and Lifespan of a Fact by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell. Production photos to come.


by Gerald Sibleyras

translated by Tom Stoppard

Depot Theatre, Westport, NY

Set: Kevin Raines

Sound: Beth Glover & Jim Carroll

Lighting: Gary Burlew

With: David Jaffe, Ryan Hilliard and John Christopher Jones 


by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Assisted John Christopher Jones

Set: Jean Brookman

Lighting: Bonnie B. Brewer

Sound: Jim Carroll

With: Sarah Hankins, Marshall York, Jennie Strasberg, Patrick Toon, Carrie Treadwell


by Chad Beguelin & Matt Sklar

Depot Theatre, Westport, NY

Set: Charlie Jica

Lighting: Gary Burlew

Projection Design: Bonnie B. Brewer

Sound: Beth Glover & Jim Carroll

With: Silva Mateosian, Jeremy Merrifield, Trudi Posey, Debra Thais Evans, Adam Tillförd, Jonathan Brody


by A.R. Gurney

Adirondack Stage Rats

Set: Beth Glover & Karen Lewis

Lighting: Beth Glover

Sound: Beth Glover

With: LJ Swanson, Burdette Parks, Kathleen Recchia, Lucky Cerutti

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