Amanda, The Glass Menagerie
Big Edie, Grey Gardens
Norma in Victor/Victoria
Doatsey Mae in Whorehouse
The Stranger aka Satan
A Lovely Night in Cinderella
Blanche Meets Mitch
Stella and Blanche
Happy Wicked Step Mother
Madame Imagines Some Horror
Very Pose-y Madame
Blanche and Mitch End of Act II
I've Always Depended On The Kindness
Blanche Drives Mitch...
WC Fields & Mae West
A Lovely Night
Groucho Marx & Jean Harlow
Audrey as Mae
Marge and CC
Honky Tonk Angels
The Good Girl is Gone
Honky Tonk Angels
Little Edie in Grey Gardens
Revolutionary Costume
The Good Girl is Gone
The Good Girl Is Gone
Phyllis in Follis w/Waiter
Dorothy Sings to Peggy
Sally & Phyllis dream a little
Audrey & Touchstone
Edith & Gould Grey Gardens
Bell, Book & Candle
As Bees in Honey Drown
Counsellor at Law
Dames at Sea
Audrey & Touchstone
Dorothy 42nd Street
Adelaide & Nathan
Annie Pittsburgh CLO