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Go Native!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

For 6 weeks, I was in the heaven known as Native Gardens the play by Karen Zacharias down at Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk. From cast, crew, creatives to staff, I had no complaints. Seriously, there's usually at least something or one person, but not there. Everyone needs to work at Virginia Stage. My cast mates: Alexandra Lemus, Michael Fajardo, John Ahlin were brilliant beautiful souls onstage and off. We had three wonderful local actors playing the gardeners: Enver Siddiky, Miguel Girona and Joey Octaviano. I'm telling you, the joy was flowing everyday. The play, so timely and funny, was a great ride every night and the audience went with us every time. Tinashe Kajese-Bolden our director set the tone from the get-go: Love, joy, hard work, bold honest storytelling were the goals everyday. Big beautiful sigh. Now I'm off to find the next wonderful adventure.

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