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Best Summer Ever (Almost)

Cannot believe I didn't post about this in August. Had the pleasure of performing with one of the most talented and kind casts of my career. Every moment was heaven rehearsing, performing and drinking/yakking/dancing with them. The show was It Shoulda Been You which could easily be dismissed for fluff. I argue vehemently, that it is not fluff. Audiences laugh, are entertained, and they experience the depths of emotion they weren't expecting rooting for a plus-size gal and a bunch of millennials coming out of the closet. The cast was led by Katie Finan, David Gordon, Sue Cella, Michael Ianucci, Casey Prins, Michael Glavan, David Spencer, Natalie Renee, Jeff Meyer, Mark Epperson, Ellie Frances and David Duivan. We were directed by the always energetic, kind and creative Kurt Stamm. Jamie Reed was our fantastic musical director. It was the one of my best summer's ever. It was only almost for obvious reasons (the constant anxiety present in our resilient nation). Here's a link to a review. I never read reviews. Truly, I don't. But to give you an idea of how astonishing this cast was in the eyes of someone who is not moi, I'm including it here.

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