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2016 Actually Had Some Highs

Because this year was fraught with extreme highs and extreme lows, both politically (!) and personally, I feel extremely lucky that I had some artistic highs. Had the privilege of completely immersing myself in a beautiful production of The Glass Menagerie inhabiting the unstoppable Amanda (dream role, to say the least) at Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake, New York and The Depot Theatre in Westport, NY both in the Adirondacks. The cast was phenomenal: Liv Paulson as Laura, Miles River Willow as Tom and Dylan Duffy as the Gentleman Caller. We played for many high schools and colleges which I found deeply rewarding. If I'm ever having tea/coffee/drinks with you, please ask about one particularly incredible moment working with a high school class. Not enough room here to describe it properly.

Right before Glass closed, I booked a feature film called The Awakening written and directed by Jason Noto. The script was fantastic. The shoot was filled with long days and cold temperatures which were all gratifying because Jason is such a soulful, kind person working with you and the entire crew and DP to bring the story to life. My screen husband turned out to be the fantastic actor and good friend Sherman Howard. Cannot wait to see the finished product Summer 2017.

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